DIY never stops – Changing a kitchen tap/faucet

Noticed water under my sink the other day and found out that it was a cracked pullout mono tap. There was no way to repair as the model was discontinued so purchased a new one to replace. How difficult could it be….

First things first, before I attempted the repair, I had to isolate the water or turn the house supply off. Fortunately for me the kitchen fitters installed isolation valves for both the hot and cold feeds. I tested this by turning the valve 90 degrees to the direction of the flow (normally indicated by an arrow on the isolation valve) and check if any water comes out. Continue reading

Do you think you’re lucky? It’s Friday the 13th!

OK, so you resisted the temptation to stay in bed and call in sick to avoid anything “bad” happening. Especially today being Friday the 13th. So, given that you went about your normal activities, does that mean that you don’t believe in it? Hmm, strange how people react to this day, some are waiting for something to happen, for the day to be over, for something lucky to “happen” to them. What are you hoping for? Continue reading

VISAs and entry requirements – What’s step 1?

About to embark on a travel experience, where do I start? I’m planning on a trip to as many countries as my budget will allow.

So far I’ve figured out that I would need money, and itinerary and a ticket of sorts, a round the world one with a 32.5k mile limit. Using the Virgin alliance network not BA, can’t be handling the BA strike situation! Oh but wait, passports, VISAs, bribes, passport control officers with sidearms, deportation, prison even! Continue reading

Vestax VCI-100 firmware upgrade – Day 1 planning

Got myself a VCI-100 in black, present from me to me with love of course :) got it in black because many user complaints saying can’t see the labels clearly in a poorly lit environment/club. Using it with Traktor Pro and a Macbook Pro. Straight out the box it works perfectly but there are a few glitches, you can read up more if you Google it. I won’t bore you suffice to say that I needed the upgrade to make use of all the features properly.

OK, so this upgrade is not for the squeamish, it involves taking the unit apart then soldering wires and using an interface to connect it to a serial port on a Windows PC, will not work on MAC (at least I haven’t found an alternative).

I’m going hardcore geek and building everything from scratch thanks to the bits I’ve found at Maplin, checkout the list at the bottom. Continue reading

Musical taste in times of recession

OK so we’re blaming everything on the recession and you can’t but help add to the long list of what’s gone wrong. However, how has this changed our partying styles?

In times of trouble, people generally seek comfort in various things. Albeit a huge slice of cake/the whole cake, another six pack of your favourite amber nectar or nuzzling your head between two firm erm “pillows”. Mostly it’s doing something that’s familiar, something you know won’t hurt you, something you feel comfortable with and that you like. So this has resulted in the two options, stay in or go out. So nothing has changed there, or has it?

In the UK, many of the supermarkets have latched on to that and are offering a meal in for two, or if you are single – a meal that will keep in the fridge for tomorrow 😉 If you choose to go out, in times of hardship you want something familiar, something safe.

So if you are an aspiring DJ with hopes of becoming the next Tiesto or Swedish House Mafia (I love them) you may find that people are going to be requesting “hair brush” hits instead. They won’t even care if you are mixing four different 128 bpm songs seamlessly with a couple of awesome loops. It reminds them of a time earlier on when everything was cool, they know all the words and want to get smashed singing Belinda Carlisle’s – Heaven is a place on Earth!

I like to keep things simple but…

Is this taking the “cake” literally!?

Bought Cadbury’s chocolate cake today, open up the box then noticed the serving suggestion… Wait for it, the cake was sliced and on a plate! Can’t get more simple that! Thank goodness I saw the serving suggestion… Genius, now why didn’t I think of slicing it and putting it on a plate! Haha!