About me…

Change is always good, or in fact different, it’s refreshing even if it’s good or bad… I’ve spent the last 15 years climbing the ladder, working for the man, thinking I want that even bigger flat screen even though I don’t have the wall space for it, doing what every tax paying clone does, wondering if there really is “no spoon” (sorry Neo reference). However, you know how it takes just one thing to change your focus? Well, my focus has changed; for the better, well I hope so. I want to experience more of the world, leave my comfy home in the UK, explore, meet new people, experience cultures, food, local beer! Embrace it, live it, taste it, love it!

“We’re not retreating, we’re just advancing in the other direction!” Not me, Gen. Douglas MacArthur.

So welcome to my thoughts, passions, opinions, rants, naivety and hopefully for you, some distraction from the 9-5 and perhaps join me on my travels!

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