Blogging, domains, hosting, where do I start!?

OK, so you thought about blogging and there are many video tutorials and webpages that show you how to use it. I found all the info online but there was so much of it. Finally, this is what I ended up doing

  1. Picked a blogging site e.g. Blogger or WordPress
  2. Choose a suitable name for your blog site
  3. Pick a theme (this takes helps you pick colours for backgrounds, menus, etc.)
  4. Change your password if necessary
  5. Create posts and categories and start blogging!

Now that will allow you to get your blogs out there but you will have to put up a few posts to be noticed by search engines.

OK, so what’s the difference between having a free hosted blog or getting your own domain?

Simply put, your free one will be associated with the free blogging host e.g. and your own domain will be whatever you choose e.g. There’s more… If you are thinking about generating revenue from your website, many of the free blogging sites will not allow it. This is a more driving reason to get your own domain and host and then migrate your free blog to it.

How do I migrate my free blog to my personal domain and host?

Well, this assumes that you have a registered domain and that it allows hosting of data (basically they allow you to store your data on their servers, etc.) If you haven’t got a domain or hosting service yet, click here.

  1. Log into your admin portal on the free blog site
  2. Choose one of the admin menus to export the site
  3. Log into the admin portal of your personal hosted site and activate the blogging option
  4. Then upload the xml file that was export
  5. You will need to choose things like the themes again as the xml file contains the data you entered e.g. your posts.

Some of the links I talked about

Word Press – Free blogging host

Blogger – Free blogging host

Just Host – They can offer your domain name registration as well as data hosting

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