Travel Vaccinations

Met with some friends yesterday and one of them said, “Why the heck are you all so obsessed with getting travel vaccinations!?” She is from Mexico and has travelled far and wide with no thought of seeking out some local nurse to stick you with various needles. Opinions may vary and I am not going to try an influence your decision. I’m of the opinion that I should, I would never want to double guess a “what if” scenario.

What is recommended or needed, where do I start?

  1. Do the research, all of the info is online. Use a site like
  2. Some vaccinations are dependant on season e.g. rainy season, etc.
  3. Once you’ve found out what you would like, contact your local health service for more info and where to go
  4. In the UK, some of them are free of charge but best to check with your GP practice. If your practice doesn’t offer it, they will recommend a suitable location or Travel Clinic
  5. It is recommended that you have yours at least  8 weeks before your departure dates.

Web links and useful information

NHS Travel Vaccinations –

My Vaccinations Р Free service, great to see what is needed as well as store your records online

Top tip – Not all practices charge the same price and some may even charge an admin fee. You can shop around!

Update – A combination Hepatitus A & B (Twinrix) is free on the NHS!

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