Currency converters for your smartphone

Back in the old days, I used to carry around my phone with a calculator feature to allow me to figure out how cheap the pair of Nikes were. These days, you could still do the same but why not use a currency converter via the web or a smartphone. The advantages are near real-time updates on currency fluctuations and around 180 currencies to choose from.

I have been using XE Currency Converter for ages via the webpage and like all other companies worth their salt, they have an app as well. I tried a few apps from the iTunes Store, read some reviews and the XE one came out tops. Better still, it’s free! Continue reading

Travel money and plastic

I’ve spent ages looking into this topic simply because I despise the cost of travel money. At the airport is more expensive and most times, it’s cheaper to order currency before you leave, etc. OK, so everyone knows that but what about credit cards, ATMs, cash advances, fees, foreign transaction fees, conversion rates? Basically getting stung with a bill for extra fees at the end of the month.

So, you do your research and find what you think is the best deal and I not here to sway your findings or opinions. However, I want to share what was important to me, hopefully you can draw you own conclusions and do further research if necessary.

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Travel Vaccinations

Met with some friends yesterday and one of them said, “Why the heck are you all so obsessed with getting travel vaccinations!?” She is from Mexico and has travelled far and wide with no thought of seeking out some local nurse to stick you with various needles. Opinions may vary and I am not going to try an influence your decision. I’m of the opinion that I should, I would never want to double guess a “what if” scenario.

What is recommended or needed, where do I start? Continue reading

VISAs and entry requirements – What’s step 1?

About to embark on a travel experience, where do I start? I’m planning on a trip to as many countries as my budget will allow.

So far I’ve figured out that I would need money, and itinerary and a ticket of sorts, a round the world one with a 32.5k mile limit. Using the Virgin alliance network not BA, can’t be handling the BA strike situation! Oh but wait, passports, VISAs, bribes, passport control officers with sidearms, deportation, prison even! Continue reading