Currency converters for your smartphone

Back in the old days, I used to carry around my phone with a calculator feature to allow me to figure out how cheap the pair of Nikes were. These days, you could still do the same but why not use a currency converter via the web or a smartphone. The advantages are near real-time updates on currency fluctuations and around 180 currencies to choose from.

I have been using XE Currency Converter for ages via the webpage and like all other companies worth their salt, they have an app as well. I tried a few apps from the iTunes Store, read some reviews and the XE one came out tops. Better still, it’s free! Continue reading

Blogging, domains, hosting, where do I start!?

OK, so you thought about blogging and there are many video tutorials and webpages that show you how to use it. I found all the info online but there was so much of it. Finally, this is what I ended up doing Continue reading